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Writer's Block: The Things We Carry

What do you always carry with you?
 I always carry my chapstick with me.


It's been about... 3 years since I've posted on this thing! I just happened to see livejournal on someone's myspace and thought, I have a livejournal. Ofcourse I forgot my username and password but I figured it out and now I'm just laughing at some of the things I wrote about. 
Maybe I'll start writing in this thing again. Get some stuff off my chest.

Alright, cya :)

Wow, its been awhile.

I should probably start writing in this thing more often. There's alot to tell... but not right now.
Im tired and ready for bed.

BC vs GC tomorrow night at Barron! Be there and watch us beat down Gulf Coast. :-P I just hope our halftime show goes as well as we planned.

Then Saturday morning Eriks coming to pick me up around 11am and we're gonna head to Stephanies and then go to Halloween Horror Nights with the gang. :DDD! I cant wait!


Go go go go go go...

It's seven thirty in the morning and I can't fall back to sleep. Maybe because... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

List 20 people u know in no particular order...
9.Mario A.
10.Mario N.
17.Justin H.
20.Steven H.

How did you meet ..13?.
I met Jordan through one of my best friends, Beth a couple summers ago

What would you do if you never met ..5?
I dont know what I would do!!! Patttttty

What do you honestly think of .. 10?
Maawwiio you wan sum powk fwiiii wice?!//?!?! Haha, no its cool.

would or did ..19 and ..8 go out?
Um, no considering they have no idea who each other is

have you ever liked ..3?
As a friend, ofcourse

If ..1 died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need him/her to know?
That I love him very much and he means the world to me.

would ..2 and ..11 make a good couple?
They're both girls

Who is ..6 going out with?
No one right now

Do you think ..12 is hot?
Sure she's a cutie

Would ..1 and ..17 make a lovely couple?
Uhhh no, lol.

What do you think when you see ..8?
How much gettign lost is SOOOO much fun with a best friend.

tell me something humiliating about ..11.
I dont know anything humiliating.

do you know any of ..6's family members?
Actually, I really dont. Wish I did though

on a scale of 1-10 how cute is ..14?

what would you do if ..4 just professed their undying love for you?
Well I would yell at him because he's already got an awesome girlfriend

what language does ..19 speak?

Who is .. 8 going out with?
No oneee

is ..9 a boy or a girl?
He is a boy

would ..18 and ..4 make a good couple?
Naw, 4's taken

what grade is ..17 in?

when is the last time u talked to 12?
Last night at the game

What is ..6's favorite band?
No clue

Does ..1 have any siblings?
He has 3. 2 older brothers and an older sister

would you ever date ..7?
She's a girlll

is ..15 single?
I believe she is

what is 20's last name?

what is ..5's middle name?
Im not too sure actually :/

would ..14 and ..19 make a good couple?
Ha, no

what school does ..16 go to?

what school does ..1 go to?

where does ..9 live?
Quail Run

are ..5 and ..6 best friends?
No, but they're friends

does ..7 like ..20?
Nope, they dont knw eachother

how did you meet ..15?
Through Kiira in like... 6th grade on the bus

is 12 older than you?

Have you ever given ..13 a hug?

is ..17 the sexiest person alive?

Lots and lots of pictures!

Pictures from...

Random ones of me...

The beach...

Last day of band camp...

And Alyssas 18th...




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